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Getting started is very easy:

  • Sign-up on this page
  • Download & install the app
  • Inside the app:

  • Use sign-up credentials to log-in
  • Choose your keyboard and dictation language
  • Left-click with your mouse on the microphone icon
  • Place your cursor in any text field and start dictating

Give it a try! You will love it

  • Market leading accuracy
  • Medical & legal terms included
  • No training necessary
  • Type as fast as you speak
  • Direct output into any application
  • Do formatting while voice-typing
  • Sign-up using only your email
  • No credit card needed
  • Starting at 5 cent/minute (€)
  • Optimized for professional dictation work-flows

We support all ~125 Google Speech languages & dialects!

How it works

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What our customers say …

Ray Leach

„ My assistant was suffering from typewriter’s cramp.But now she switched to voice-typing and fully recovered again. THANK YOU blue-maria! ” Ray Leach – CEO

Achim Schneider

„ Incredible, I was able to triple my output instantly. No training necessary. I works perfectly
well. ” AchimSchneider – Blogger

Dr. Thomas Wolf

„ My secretary is so glad I found this on the net. Now she only has to double check my output, and there are almost no errors. ” Dr. Thomas Wolf – Dentist

Emily Smith-Lee

„ It works very well. Even with those many expert terms that we are using I have not encountered any problems yet! ” Emily Smith-Lee – Lawyer

Eva Geiger

„ Hi, my name is Eva and I love this software, because writing an email to my grandchildren has now become a lot easier. Before I used to typewrite with one finger which was very slow. ” Eva Geiger – Retiree

Dr. Corey S. Rosenbaum

„ It’s easy to use. It’s a time saver – big time! And it is worth any penny I have spent on it so far. No other STT technology is as good as this one and I have tested them all! ” Dr. Corey S. Rosenbaum – Orthopedic Surgeon

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